Cutting Edge Optronics

  • AAAA Package

    CEO's line of high power laser diode packages is available on a variety of (conductively-cooled and water-cooled) heat sink designs with output powers exceeding 100W CW and 300W QCW per laser diode bar. With over 200 standard packages and greater than a decade of experience, CEO’s laser diodes have been used for a wide range of applications in the industrial, military, and aerospace sectors. We offer a wide variety of wavelengths from 790 nm-1550 nm including: 808 nm, 885 nm, and 940 nm. CEO's diode engineers are highly experienced in custom designs for specialized pumping applications. We can match your specifications to our standard products or design the complete package.


    CEO’s line of CW and QCW laser modules is the ideal building block for any DPSS laser system. Our high power (>650W) and high energy (>4J) designs afford the end user flexibility to utilize the laser modules in both resonator and amplifier configurations. Multiple gain media (Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, Nd:YVO4) are offered at various rod diameters and lengths. Ensuring long operating lifetimes, CEO's Laser Diode packaging technology is incorporated into every module.

  • Patara

    CEO's Industrial Laser Systems are offered with a wide range of performance specifications and are ideally suited for use in a variety of industrial manufacturing applications including: micro-machining, marking, cutting, drilling, welding, forming, and soldering. They can be configured to operate with different gain media including Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, and Nd:YLF. All of our laser systems are manufactured with our own laser diodes, laser modules, and control electronics.

  • eDrive

    CEO's family of eDrive Laser Diode Drivers are ideal for controlling laser diodes, laser modules, production laser systems, and custom laser systems. This flexible diode driver is suited for R&D environments where precise control is required as well as rugged production environments where reliability and ease of use are most important. The eDrive operates in CW and pulsed modes at high peak currents (300A pulsed). A host of other features including: Q-Switching, external trigger capable, high compliance voltage (350V), and RS232/RS485 interface are offered as standard.