Cutting Edge Optronics

The Derringer package features a proprietary water cooling design that enables excellent heat extraction without the need for deionized water.  The arrays are well-suited to side-pumping of solid-state laser (SSL) crystals, as well as any direct diode application which requires multiple bars in a linear configuration.  The 3-long Derringer features an emission output length of approximately 3 cm.  CW output powers of up to 120W are available.  For QCW configurations, the maximum output is 7.2 kW out of a 24-bar array.
Unit of Measure

Wavelength (nm)

N/A 780nm – 815nm 875nm – 890nm 935nm – 945nm 965nm – 975nm



Lensing Options

N/A Fast-Axis Collimation Slow-Axis Collimation

Total Power

N/A 120 W

Diode Bar Count

N/A 3

Power Per Bar

N/A 40 W

Diode Construction

N/A Golden Bullet (hard solder)


N/A ARR01C120-H Data Sheet

Capability Video