Cutting Edge Optronics

The 8-shooter package is a rugged laser diode array that is well-suited for industrial applications.  The arrays feature high-current electrical connections and threaded electrical studs that enable operation at high average current.

These arrays are available for use in continuous-wave (CW) or quasi-CW (QCW) applications.  For CW applications, the 8-shooter is rated at 320W of total power.  For QCW applications, the output power rating depends strongly on the operating conditions.  Multiple bars can be placed at each location along the array to enable peak output powers of approximately 19 kW.

Unit of Measure

Wavelength (nm)

N/A 780nm – 815nm 875nm – 890nm 935nm – 945nm 965nm – 975nm



Lensing Options

N/A Fast-Axis Collimation Slow-Axis Collimation

Total Power

N/A 1,600 W

Diode Bar Count

N/A 8

Power Per Bar

N/A 200 W

Diode Construction

N/A Golden Bullet (hard solder)


N/A ARR134P1600 Data Sheet

Capability Video