Cutting Edge Optronics

The Gigashot Mini is an air-cooled DPSS laser system that is offered with up to 25 mJ at 1064nm and > 8 mJ at 532nm. The Mini is rugged, reliable and is easily integrated into original equipment.
Unit of Measure

Laser Type

N/A DPSS Nd:YAG (air cooled)


N/A 2.5 W

Output Energy

N/A 25 mJ

Wavelength (nm)

N/A 1064 nm

Specified Repetition Rate

N/A 100 Hz

Pulse Width (FWHM)

N/A < 15 ns

Beam Diameter (Output Window)

N/A < 2.5 mm

Beam Divergence

N/A < 2 mrad

Beam Quality (M²)

N/A < 2

Spatial Mode

N/A Low Order

Pulse-to-Pulse Stability

N/A < 4% rms

Output Stability (Over 8 Hours)

N/A < 2% rms


N/A Horizontal

Operating Temp (non-condensing)

N/A 18 - 30 ºC

Capability Video