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The Gigashot™ FT is a diode-pumped solid–state (DPSS) Nd:YAG laser that delivers 120 mJ per pulse at 355 nm at a repetition rate of 100 Hz. The laser has a Master Oscillator-Power Amplifier (MOPA) architecture with an output beam that has a ‘flat top’ beam profile in the near field – making it ideally suited for pumping ultrafast Ti:Sapphire amplifiers and OPCPAs.

The Gigashot FT laser features long life laser diode bars and delivers excellent pulse-to-pulse and long term stability which is ideally suited for use in scientific, industrial, and medical applications. The laser is supplied with a 2 year/10,000 operating hour diode warranty. Injection seeding is optional.

Customized versions of the Gigashot™ FT are also available (including oscillator/amplifier configurations for increased pulse energy). 
Unit of Measure

Laser Type

N/A DPSS Nd:YAG (water cooled)


N/A 12 W

Output Energy

N/A 120 mJ

Wavelength (nm)

N/A 355 nm

Specified Repetition Rate

N/A 100 Hz

Pulse Width (FWHM)

N/A < 10 ns

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