Cutting Edge Optronics

The Gigashot™ T laser system is a diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser system that delivers 125 mJ per pulse at 527 nm at a repetition rate of 100 Hz with exceptionally low noise and superior pulse-to-pulse stability. The laser is a single oscillator design with a circular, uniform multimode output beam profile through the Ray­leigh range (nearfield to farfield) – making it ideally suited for pumping ultrafast Ti:Sapphire amplifiers, particu­larly CEP-stabilzed systems.

This unique laser design, along with the incorporation of diode pumping delivers excellent pulse-to-pulse stability as well as long operational lifetime. It is rugged, reliable, economically priced, and easily integrated into original equipment. The laser is supplied with a 2 year/10,000 operating hour warranty.

Unit of Measure

Laser Type

N/A DPSS Nd:YLF (water cooled)


N/A 12.5 W

Output Energy

N/A 125 mJ

Wavelength (nm)

N/A 527 nm

Specified Repetition Rate

N/A 100 Hz

Pulse Width (FWHM)

N/A < 50 ns

Capability Video