Cutting Edge Optronics

The OSL-006-QMG Series is a diode pumped, EO Q-Switched, Nd:YAG laser system that is specifically designed for use in airborne laser applications. The OSL-006 provides short pulse performance at laser repetition rates of up to 3 kHz. These lasers are designed to operate over a temperature range of 50C to 400C with storage temperatures from -200C to 600C. With this laser’s rugged design and solid performance, it has become a leader in airborne LIDAR and laser bathymetry. These systems are in use worldwide flying on single engine and multi-engine fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.
Unit of Measure

Laser Type

N/A DPSS Nd:YAG (water cooled)


N/A 6 W

Output Energy

N/A 2 mJ

Wavelength (nm)

N/A 532 nm

Specified Repetition Rate

N/A 3 kHz

Pulse Width (FWHM)

N/A < 6 ns

Capability Video