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CEO’s new GIGASHOT DPSS laser is the next generation of high energy, short pulse Nd:YAG laser systems. High efficiency and ultra long life QCW pump diodes allow the GIGASHOT laser to operate for many billions of shots. A homogenous pumping structure and depolarization compensation gives the laser excellent beam quality and stability at high (> 100 Hz) repetition rates.

The GIGASHOT laser delivers 320 mJ of pulse energy in pulses that are less than 10 ns at 1064 nm. Integrated harmonic generation and wavelength separation options for 532 nm and 355 nm output are also available.

Custom Options Available

If the below specifications do not satisfy your programmatic needs, just select "Request Information" and share your minimum requirements. CEO has a long history of providing economical "custom laser" solutions based upon standard products.

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GigaShot Data Sheet
(PDF, 254KB)

GIGASHOT Typical Data
(PDF, 1376KB)

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Item #

Output Energy


Repetition Rate

Pulse Width (FWHM)

Beam Diameter

Beam Divergence

GS-100-QMU* 100 mJ 355 nm 110 Hz < 9 ns 6.5 mm < 0.6 mrad
GS-150-QMG 150 mJ 532 nm 110 Hz < 9 ns 6.5 mm < 0.6 mrad
GS-320-QMI 320 mJ 1064 nm 110 Hz < 9 ns 6.5 mm < 0.6 mrad
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 

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